Can't Hang-Sammy Hagar and The Circle (Music Video) Released 4/9!

Watch Sammy Hagar’s new music video for the single: Can’t Hang, starring Jackson Goldberg at the link below:

Can’t Hang-Sammy Hagar and The Circle

Over 50K views on Youtube already! Stay tuned for more Sammy Hagar videos starring Jackson in the next few weeks, culminating in a half-hour film airing on AXS TV Summer 2019!

Splash Magazine's Review of BAD JEWS:

"Goldberg’s Liam is the perfect foil for Lester’s Daphna. He balances his dry, scathing humor with a type of explosive, self-loathing cruelty that would make anyone cringe. Goldberg’s and Lester’s combative chemistry is pure magic on the stage.

"Daphna and Liam verbally go at each other’s throats as though they were George and Martha from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

BWW Review: Joshua Harmon's Riveting, Brutally Funny BAD JEWS at American Stage

Broadway World Review for Bad Jews: 

"The acting could not be better....Jackson Goldberg, as Liam (bespectacled, looking like a young Grant Shaud as Miles Silverberg), started off almost like he was in a different show--that's what a memorable entrance will do. But then BAD JEWS catches up to his energy. It's an incredible turn, and one monologue, a heated anti-Daphna rant, is one of the finest things I've seen all year. "He's such a dick," the woman behind me whispered feverishly to her husband. And she's not wrong. He's also incredibly watchable and entertaining, upping the verve whenever he enters the room."


Tampa Bay Times Review of BAD JEWS at American Stage:

" It’s hard to think of any play that accomplishes more, in less time."

"Jackson Goldberg turns in a ruthlessly funny performance as the erudite but merciless Liam, Diana’s antagonist in a war over who deserves Poppy’s gold and diamond necklace, or chai."